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Travel Safety Notes

In order to prevent accidents, please read the following notes carefully.
Vehicle safety:

1. Please wait until the machinery is completely turned off and standing still before disembarking. Please stand in queue according to the airport, station, or port management safety regulations. Behave in a civilized manner and pay special attention to the elderly and children. Do not carry prohibited items.
2. When aboard on ships, cars or boats please obey the service personnels' instructions.
3. Please don't distract the driver or urge them to drive faster or overtake other drivers. Keep your head, hands, feet and any items inside the vehicle.
4. When leaving your room, please close all windows and keep your valuables with you or in a safe place. The travel agency is not responsible for any losses.


1. When staying in the hotel, please be aware of the location of the fire exits and the hotel's security arrangements.
2. Please check beforehand, wether the hotel equipment (safe, non-slip shower mats) in your room is complete and report immediately to the hotel staff if anything is missing or damaged.
3. Valuables should be kept in the inside the safe or with the hotel, in case they offer such services. In case of loss, the agency has no responsibility.
4, do not have their own accommodation hotel, room No. just tell a stranger; do not let a stranger or claiming to hotel service personnel just entered the room; access to the room to lock the door, before going to bed attention real windows and doors are closed, safety lock is locked; the best items placed in the side, don't put in by the window.
5, visitors to stay the hotel needs to go out, should be informed with guided tours; in the hotel desk brought a hotel room card, the card with hotel address, telephone or copy the hotel address or phone. If you get lost, you can according to the address inquiries or taxi ride, smooth and safe return to their homes.
6, in case of emergency do not panic. The fire is not a car lift or random jumping; calm judgment of fire, actively implement the self-help. If the body on fire, roll in situ, or with heavy clothing pressure flames; must through the smoke of corridors, passageways, soaked in warm clothes wrapped body, clutching his nose and mouth, close to the ground, along the wall to climb; fire Fengmen cannot escape, using dip warm clothes wrapped body bedding block door or splashing water to cool wait to be rescued or shake the brightly colored clothes calling for rescue personnel.
In order to enhance the safety awareness of tourists and popularize the basic common sense of tourism safety, so that visitors to participate in the activities of the program complete, pleasant and successful completion, please read carefully the notes and strictly to prevent accidents.

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