One thing, multiple adventures

From the concept of ready-to-wear to entering your wardrobe, Westcomb weikam has always held the goal of driving human exploration through innovation. The diversity of outdoor activities requires that the garments provide reliable protection for you in various environments and climates without sacrificing comfort. Westcomb wiccam USES the most novel materials available from leading industry suppliers to meet this demand. Waterproof fabric has good permeability and extension. Natural fibers both absorb perspiration when the body is hot and insulate air when it is cold. Combined with its unique features and innovative design, Westcomb weikam is a perfect fit for a versatile athlete ready to swoop in.

SHIFT LT Shift Hoody ski-wear, USES the most light Polartec ® NeoShell ® technology, the style is contracted, windproof and waterproof performance. Let you carry the least weight and gain the most experience.


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